About Us

Center for Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CREEI) was started in 2010 but finally established in 2013 in order to address the gap in training technicians and entrepreneurs in involved with renewable energy business. Development and implementation of appropriate courses for the technicians and entrepreneurs is, therefore crucial for sustainable growth of renewable energy industry. CREEI provides training in design, installation, operation, maintenance and marketing of renewable energy technologies. Our target group includes technicians, educational units, and organizations, and students who have completed their secondary school (SS). 

CREEI philosophy is to provide a practical approach in the design and development of renewable energy technologies such as bioenergy, hydro, solar and wind. Our courses are delivered by knowledgeable, professional trainers with experience in design, operation, installation, and maintenance of renewable energy technologies. CREEI also provides field experiences for our clients. We run public courses, and in-house customised training.

Our Instructors and Trainers